Zender Environmental

Solid Waste Training and Technical Assistance for Rural Alaska Villages

Through the 2014 federal fiscal year (Sept 2014, and possibly beyond this date), Zender Environmental is able to offer free solid waste related technical assistance to all rural Alaska Villages, thanks to a generous grant from USDA. Assistance is provided on a first come first serve basis, with some slots prioritized for high-needs villages. Zender Environmental can also assist Alaska Native Villages in applying for USDA water/waste grants. Zender provides several trainings each year which include Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Training, Sustainable Solid Waste Management Training, Water Quality Training, and RALO (Rural Alaska Landfill Operator) Training. These trainings are free for Alaska communities. Find more information here.

Zender Environmental manages an environmental job training program (RACEJT) for Alaska Native Villages. In this program they provide free training and assistance with job placement.

Zender Environmental also manages an environmental subgrant program for Alaska Native Villages.

The purpose of Zender Environmental Health and Research Group is to provide environmental program services for underserved Tribal and isolated-rural populations where the need exists.

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