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P2Rx Printing – Flexography Topic Hub

Describes the working process of flexographic printing with input/output process diagrams and outlines regulatory and compliance issues found in each step of the process. Includes activities and materials that help reduce the toxicity or volume of waste generated and/or released into the atmosphere and addresses the costs and liabilities associated […]

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Waste Reduction Tips for Hotels and Casinos in Indian Country

Tribally owned hotels, motels, resorts, casinos, and bingo halls have numerous opportunities to prevent waste when purchasing supplies and food, serving customers, or cleaning guest rooms. These facilities generate a tremendous amount of solid waste, including food waste, glass containers, metal cans, plastics, paper and cardboard. Waste prevention not only […]

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Mining Waste Management in Indian Country

Descriptions of U. S. EPA publications designed to assist tribal leaders, environmental personnel and the general public with mining and mineral processing issues. It includes publications relating to mining waste management and engineering practices. These publications discuss environmental impacts from mining operations, mining source reduction and recycling opportunities, and innovative […]

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