Sustainability Session Presentation

Sustainability Assessments & Strategies for Business and Government Operations

Sustainability is about making green through going green.  It can also mean increased employee and customer satisfaction, enhanced marketing opportunities, and improved public relations.  This can be done within the context of businesses, governments, and even nonprofits.  Tribes often oversee a wide-variety of operations across all sectors, and as a […]

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Grant Writing Session Presentation

A Grant Writing Blueprint

Grant funding is the lifeblood of many tribal environmental programs. During this session, grant writing course instructor Josh Simmons will then provide an overview of the step by step process he teaches and uses for preparing successful grant proposals. While Josh oversaw the Santa Ynez Chumash Environmental (SYCEO) from 2007 […]

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Solar Projects Session Presentation

Solar Projects in Indian Country

Solar projects are complicated.  Due to sovereignty, tax liability, jurisdictional, and other considerations, solar projects in Indian Country are particularly challenging.  During this session you will hear about the experiences of the Rincon, San Pasqual, and Santa Ynez Chumash tribes in pursuing, developing, and implementing solar opportunities.  Attendees will learn […]

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Tribal Codes Session Presentation

Developing Tribal Environmental Codes

Clear, well written laws are often needed to effectively manage ongoing environmental issues within Indian Country.  Many tribes currently need to create or revise water, waste, air, or other environmental codes to address the unique issues and objectives within their community.  This session provides a summary of a step-by-step approach […]

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Climate Change Session Presentation

GHG Inventories, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Planning

In the GHG Inventories, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation session, Josh Simmons shared his experience working with the Santa Ynez Chumash on climate change mitigation and adaptation planning. A basis strategy was also provided for Tribes that are interested in pursuing these activities.

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Energy Savings Plus Health

Energy Savings Plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades

Energy Savings Plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades equips school districts to integrate indoor air quality protections into school energy efficiency retrofits and other building upgrade projects.  School districts starting the building retrofit process will be able to optimize energy efficiency upgrades without compromising occupant health.

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Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic Digesters: Manure and Food Waste to Power!

Presented by: Daryl Williams, Tulalip Tribes Tansey Smith, Forest County Potawatomi Learn about Tulalip Tribe’s innovative and successful Qualco Dairy Anaerobic Digester and Forest County Potawatomi’s 2MW anaerobic digester and biogas generation facility which converts food waste into electricity to power 1,500 homes.

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CalRecycle Anaerobic Digestion Materials

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the biological decomposition of organic matter with little or no oxygen. The anaerobic digestion process occurs naturally in marshes and wetlands. There are a variety of controlled systems where anaerobic technology is currently utilized in the United States, including wastewater treatment facilities (also Public-Operated Treatment Works […]

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Student Curriculum: Recipes for Healthy Kids and a Healthy Environment

This nine-lesson program was designed to excite kids about environmental health and empower them to take steps in their everyday lives to improve the environment for their community and reduce their environmental risk.

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Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans

Find an array of environmental and science based lesson plans, activities and ideas on the topics of Air, Climate Change, Ecosystems, Energy, Health, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, and Water.

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