P2Rx Auto Repair Topic Hub

Descriptions of typical material inputs, wastes and pollution prevention options in the automotive repair industry. The hub also includes a bibliography of on-line resources with more information and industry demographic data.

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P2Rx Residential Construction Topic Hub

Introduces the importance of resource efficient construction/ green building practices for builders, designers, architects and pollution prevention assistance providers. Describes considerations for the pre-design, site analysis and building design phases of residential construction. Discusses consumer preferences and trends with information to help builders manage costs, market resource-efficient homes and find […]

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P2Rx Auto Body Topic Hub

This guide has basic information about pollution prevention for auto body shops and links to a collection of online resources. Information describes industry demographics, key processes and the materials used and wastes produced in auto body facilities, why pollution prevention is a preferred alternative, operating practices and products which reduce […]

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Connected to the Earth – Risk Assessment Tool

A do-it-yourself risk assessment tool for homeowners to evaluate environmental and health risks in and around their homes. From keeping drinking water safe to avoiding household hazards like lead-based paint, this series of 11 fact sheets tells how to detect hazards and get started on reducing or eliminating them. Full […]

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Reliable Prosperity-A Project of Ecotrust

Reliable Prosperity – A Project of Ecotrust

ReliableProsperity.net provides a framework for an ecologically restorative, socially just, and reliably prosperous society. It includes “patterns”, case studies and resources. The economic, natural and social capital patterns it includes are adaptable to local ecosystems and cultures, yet universal in their applicability.

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Waste Reduction Tips for Hotels and Casinos in Indian Country

Tribally owned hotels, motels, resorts, casinos, and bingo halls have numerous opportunities to prevent waste when purchasing supplies and food, serving customers, or cleaning guest rooms. These facilities generate a tremendous amount of solid waste, including food waste, glass containers, metal cans, plastics, paper and cardboard. Waste prevention not only […]

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Mining Waste Management in Indian Country

Descriptions of U. S. EPA publications designed to assist tribal leaders, environmental personnel and the general public with mining and mineral processing issues. It includes publications relating to mining waste management and engineering practices. These publications discuss environmental impacts from mining operations, mining source reduction and recycling opportunities, and innovative […]

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