Land Conservation Programs that Support Agriculture

The Oneida Nation’s Land Conservation Program.

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HUD Energy Efficiency and Green Building Activities

National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Tribal Workgroup Conference Call Tuesday May 19, 2009 at 2 pm EDT, 1 pm CDT, Noon MDT, 11am PDT Guest Speaker: Keith Giarrusso, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Keith works in the Office of Native American Programs and provided an overview of HUD energy […]

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Ecological Management for Culturally-Significant Wildlife

  • Source: Don Hankins, CSU Chico - Sacramento Delta Region Plains Miwok
  • Topic Area(s): Culture, Wildlife & Habitat
  • Contact: Myla Kelly, Peaks to Prairies Coordinator
  • Year: 2009

Don Hankins, of California State University at Chico, is a Sacramento Delta region Plains Miwok, a basketweaver, and a fire ecologist. During this presentation, he commented on the lack of cultural management that exists on a landscape scale. Cultural knowledge integration is one of his areas of investigation, and his […]

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EPA Green Homes

EPA Green Homes website

The EPA’s green home website provides information on a wide-range of options for greening a home; information for all types of residents and circumstances, including renters; information for homeowners who want to “green” their homes to different degrees, with varying levels of resources and effort, from minor changes to major […]

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National EPA-Tribal Science Council

The National EPA-Tribal Science Council (TSC) was created in partnership with Tribal representatives to help integrate agency and tribal interests, specifically with respect to environmental science issues. The TSC provides a forum for tribes and EPA to identify priority environmental science issues and collaboratively design effective solutions. The Council seeks […]

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Native American Wind Interest Group (NAWIG) Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter presents Native American wind information, including projects, interviews with pioneers, issues, Wind Powering America activities, and related events. Click to Subscribe

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Guide to Hazardous Waste Management at Tribal Health Care Clinics

Health care facilities generate a wide variety of wastes some of which are regulated as hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Once identified as a hazardous waste, the waste must be handled in a manner that conforms to all EPA regulations regarding hazardous waste.

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Integrated Energy Management Approach

The Mohegan Tribe’s efforts to develop an Integrated Energy Management Plan for the purpose of energy conservation.

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LEED Certified Tribal Health Center

Description of the Potawatomi’s LEED certified Health Center – the first LEED certified tribal building in the region.

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Obama Administration’s Transition to Green

  • Source: A coalition of national environmental and conservation organizations
  • Topic Area(s): Facilities and Operations
  • Contact: Shannon Judd
  • Year: 2008

This report highlights priority environmental recommendations for the Obama administration transition team endorsed by a coalition of national environmental and conservation organizations. Many organizations assisted in the creation of this report and we recognize their contributions. The report describes how the administration can resume Federal leadership on critical energy and […]

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