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Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans

Find an array of environmental and science based lesson plans, activities and ideas on the topics of Air, Climate Change, Ecosystems, Energy, Health, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, and Water.

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Training for Water Professionals

The mission of the Montana Water Center is to investigate and resolve Montana’s water problems and to foster water-resources stewardship by: sponsoring water-related research; and providing training, education and support for water professionals and all water users.

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Climate Ready Water Utilities Toolbox

The CRWU Toolbox provides access to resources containing climate-related information relevant to water. These resources include several categories of information and can be searched by geographic region, water utility type and size, water resources, climate change impact, and climate change response strategies. These resources will be updated frequently to provide […]

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Tribal Participation in State Water Planning: Network Conference Call

Atta Stevenson, Laytonville Rancheria, President of Inter Tribal Council of California – State Water Planning Process Water is increasingly an issue in many regions, whether it is tribal rights, access, drinking scarcity, or healthy river flows. Atta has been deeply involved in the California state water planning process as a […]

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Tribal Participation in State Water Planning

In July 2009, the Tribal P2 Monthly Conference Call featured Atta Stevenson, member of Laytonville Rancheria and President of Inter Tribal Council of California. Atta has been deeply involved in the California state water planning process as a tribal participant. She discussed the importance of tribal involvement, how the state […]

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Rain Barrel and Garden Conservation Methods

National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Tribal Workgroup Conference Call Tuesday June 17, 2008 at 2 pm EDT, 1 pm CDT, Noon MDT, 11am PDT Guest Speaker: Network Co-Chair Shannon Judd discussing her work at Fond du Lac Reservation in Minnesota promoting rain barrels and rain gardens (an information packet from Shannon’s […]

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EPA Greenscapes

GreenScapes – Environmentally Beneficial Landscaping

The U.S. EPA’s GreenScapes program provides cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for large-scale landscaping. This website provides information on the benefits of GreenScaping, how to implement GreenScaping, the GreenScapes Alliance, success stories, and publications/ resources.

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High Performance School Design On-Line Training

Helps architects and engineers design more sustainable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient K-12 school buildings. The 25-course curriculum includes an online curriculum with CHPS and LEED design criteria. Areas covered include: site design; lighting and electrical systems; energy efficient building shell; water conservation; recycling systems, waste management; health and productivity; and more. […]

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The Columbia River Field Trip

The Columbia River Virtual Field Trip: an Amazing Watershed Journey

Learn about Columbia River history, geology, the headwaters region, First Nations and Native American culture, current issues and challenges to the river. Make educational connections, and provide glimpses of sustainability about the future of the river with readings on the river from multiple perspectives. Designed for middle and high school […]

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