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Kuskokwim River Water Quality Mapper

Kuskokwim River Tribal Water Quality Web Mapper

Georgetown Tribal Council houses a water quality database and GIS map used to store baseline data for the Kuskokwim River, so that should a decline in water quality conditions occur, we would be able to take action quickly and identify the source of such changes. Use of this database limits […]

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P2Rx Metal Fabrication & Machining Topic Hub

Gives an overview of the industry and the types of products it manufactures with information about the key processes and raw materials used; waste streams, environmental compliance, worker health and safety, and economic impact of inefficient operations; and technologies and operating practices that reduce the hazards, quantities and costs of […]

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P2Rx Metal Finishing Topic Hub

Overview of the metal finishing industry including small shops and metal finishing operations that are part of a larger manufacturing process. Gives information about the key processes and raw materials used, waste streams, environmental compliance, worker health and safety, economic impact of inefficient operations, technologies and operating practices that reduce […]

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P2Rx Textile Manufacturing Topic Hub

Provides a description and history of textiles industry in the US along with an overview of key processes, the waste streams produced, opportunities for more efficient manufacturing, and economic and regulatory incentives to improve process efficiency. A bibliography of key resources is also included with links to on-line publications about […]

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P2Rx Meat Processing Topic Hub

Describes current economic and environmental information related to the meat processing industry in the United States. Basic steps for beef, pork, poultry and fish processing are discussed along with strategies to reduce water consumption, wastewater, organics/solids generation and energy use and other pollution prevention opportunities specific to individual processing steps. […]

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P2Rx Printing – Flexography Topic Hub

Describes the working process of flexographic printing with input/output process diagrams and outlines regulatory and compliance issues found in each step of the process. Includes activities and materials that help reduce the toxicity or volume of waste generated and/or released into the atmosphere and addresses the costs and liabilities associated […]

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P2Rx Auto Body Topic Hub

This guide has basic information about pollution prevention for auto body shops and links to a collection of online resources. Information describes industry demographics, key processes and the materials used and wastes produced in auto body facilities, why pollution prevention is a preferred alternative, operating practices and products which reduce […]

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P2Rx Auto Repair Topic Hub

Descriptions of typical material inputs, wastes and pollution prevention options in the automotive repair industry. The hub also includes a bibliography of on-line resources with more information and industry demographic data.

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Mining Waste Management in Indian Country

Descriptions of U. S. EPA publications designed to assist tribal leaders, environmental personnel and the general public with mining and mineral processing issues. It includes publications relating to mining waste management and engineering practices. These publications discuss environmental impacts from mining operations, mining source reduction and recycling opportunities, and innovative […]

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