Safer Products for Facilities in Your Community

Learn about unsafe product chemicals, the Safer Choice program, and how to choose safer products for yourself and your community.

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Center for Native American Youth Gen-I Map

CNAY Gen-I: Network Map

  • Source: Center for Native American Youth
  • Topic Area(s): Culture
  • Contact:
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Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) has developed a map of impactful programs and Native American youth leaders creating positive change across Indian Country. The Network map includes youth councils, local organizations, Gen-I Challenge acceptors, Gen-I Youth Ambassadors, and other important resources. The Network map connects youth with each other […]

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U.S. EPA Clean Power Plan Training Curriculum

These courses provide information primarily for air regulators, air quality professionals, energy professionals, community members, and others interested in learning more about EPA’s regulations under Section 111 of the Clean Air Act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S. power sector.

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Tribal Environmental & Sustainability Professionals LinkedIn Group

A LinkedIn Group was created for professionals involved in addressing the environmental and sustainability challenges and opportunities faced by Native American communities. Members are encouraged to share questions, ideas, stories, and other information to create a robust, collaborative, and useful forum. This group was created as a members only group […]

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General Checklist for the Close-Out of Federal Grant Projects

Prepared by Joshua Simmons of Prosper Sustainably, this checklist is intended to assist Tribal Environmental Professionals in navigating the process of closing out a federal grant. The main steps in this checklist are to: Review the Grant Project Agreement with all of its terms and conditions, Arrange a phone call […]

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GAP Grant Proposal Work Plan Strategy Presentation

GAP Grant Proposal Work Plan Strategy

In this presentation I discuss the new GAP grant requirements for tribal environmental programs (as described in the Guidance) and strategies for crafting a work plan that focuses on capacity building activities.  The goal is to help participants avoid proposing ineligible activities.  I also want to help participants look ahead and consider how what is proposed now can […]

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Strategic Planning Session Presentation

Strategic Planning and Building Environmental Programs that Last

Most tribal environmental programs are built and sustained with grants or other outside funding sources.  Directors and Program Managers are driven by the need to find and maintain funding, resulting in a revolving door of somewhat unrelated projects, environmental programs that end prematurely, and overall scattered efforts.  Even programs that […]

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Sustainability Session Presentation

Sustainability Assessments & Strategies for Business and Government Operations

Sustainability is about making green through going green.  It can also mean increased employee and customer satisfaction, enhanced marketing opportunities, and improved public relations.  This can be done within the context of businesses, governments, and even nonprofits.  Tribes often oversee a wide-variety of operations across all sectors, and as a […]

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Grant Writing Session Presentation

A Grant Writing Blueprint

Grant funding is the lifeblood of many tribal environmental programs. During this session, grant writing course instructor Josh Simmons will then provide an overview of the step by step process he teaches and uses for preparing successful grant proposals. While Josh oversaw the Santa Ynez Chumash Environmental (SYCEO) from 2007 […]

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Solar Projects Session Presentation

Solar Projects in Indian Country

Solar projects are complicated.  Due to sovereignty, tax liability, jurisdictional, and other considerations, solar projects in Indian Country are particularly challenging.  During this session you will hear about the experiences of the Rincon, San Pasqual, and Santa Ynez Chumash tribes in pursuing, developing, and implementing solar opportunities.  Attendees will learn […]

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