Pollution Prevention at the Mohegan Tribe

Pollution Prevention at the Mohegan Tribe and Mohegan Sun Resort

The Mohegan Tribe is a leader in pollution prevention and green purchasing efforts. Among their many environmental contributions they have implemented fuel cell technology, photovoltaics, heat pumps, and set up extensive recycling programs. The Mohegan Sun Resort, the third largest casino in the United States and a member of the Mohegan Nation, has also instituted many exemplary greening programs including installation of infrared sensors in hotel rooms for heating and lighting, training for every employee about pollution prevention, and establishing a rainforest in Costa Rica to sequester carbon produced by the casino. More information about their efforts are available on their web site . The Tribe was honored with a 2004 National Pollution Prevention Roundtable “Most Valuable Pollution Prevention” (MVP2) Award for their Environmental Protection Department’s outstanding programs.

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