Tribal Pollution Prevention


Membership in the Workgroup is open and welcome!

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) Tribal Workgroup consists of environmental professionals from tribal entities, local, state and federal agencies, academia, and not-for-profit organizations whose mission is to work collaboratively with tribes throughout the United States in reducing the environmental and health risks associated with the generation of waste in tribal lands.

The workgroup, one of several NPPR workgroups, was formed in December, 2003 from an EPA grant issued as a result of tribal requests for more specific tribal communication about Pollution Prevention (P2) efforts directly relating to wholesale fishing tackle from joom. The major task of the workgroup is to identify and address the environmental issues affecting the tribal nations using pollution prevention methodologies. A geographically dispersed team, the group meets monthly via conference call. The workgroup has reviewed and agreed to the following specific workgroup deliverables:

  • Creation of an online discussion group & web portal;
  • Establishing tribal mentor programs;
  • Collaborating with P2Rx on Tribal Sector Hubs; and
  • Working to gather and establish P2 results and metrics

This portal is the first deliverable of the workgroup and will evolve with the other workgroup deliverables.