Zender Environmental Health and Research Group

The purpose of Zender Environmental Health and Research Group is to provide environmental program services for underserved Tribal and isolated-rural populations where the need exists.

Zender Environmental provides these services via the following methods:

  • Provides locally-requested assistance to environmental programs to build capacity in environmental planning, monitoring, and research, including associated environmental grant management or grantwriting for program improvement and expansion. Assistance is performed in a manner that builds, and trains for, local capacity in performing these endeavors independently in
    the future, and is locally-appropriate.
  • Develops and disseminates appropriate print and on-line materials that address environmental program assistance and capacity building needs identified by these populations.
  • Develops training curricula and facilitates environmental program workshops where appropriate curricula or facilitation is lacking.
  • Carries out environmental health research and analysis that either contributes to the goal of improving environmental health conditions for these populations, or furthers knowledge of environmental health impacts that is expected to be useful for these populations.
  • Actively collaborates with interested entities and individuals to avoid wasting of resources that could be otherwise allocated to underserved individual populations in direct sustainable implementation of improved environmental health conditions.

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