National Sustainable Lodging Network

National Sustainable Lodging Network

The purpose of this initiative is to establish an online community of sustainable hospitality practitioners to foster networking and increase access to resources to support their work. Implementing sustainable practices at lodging facilities can have positive environmental impacts, including reductions in energy consumption, water consumption, wastewater discharges, stormwater runoff, solid waste generation, and others.

Many of the P2Rx Centers are working with their federal, state,and local partners in support of sustainable hospitality programs and have decided to coordinate efforts and make sustainable hospitality a national priority of the P2Rx Network. The ultimate goals of the National Sustainable Lodging Network are to

  • Provide forums for sustainable hospitality practitioners toshare information on practices and challenges;
  • Elevate state and local hospitality programs and the facilities that participate in them;
  • Increase the adoption of sustainable practices in the sector; and
  • Foster innovation in sustainable lodging through the exchange of ideas.

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