National EPA-Tribal Science Council

The National EPA-Tribal Science Council (TSC) was created in partnership with Tribal representatives to help integrate agency and tribal interests, specifically with respect to environmental science issues. The TSC provides a forum for tribes and EPA to identify priority environmental science issues and collaboratively design effective solutions. The Council seeks to increase tribal involvement in EPA’s scientific activities – building bridges between tribal and agency programs. The TSC is composed of a single Tribal representative from each of the nine EPA Regions with federally recognized Tribes, with an additional Tribal representative designated in Region 10 to represent Alaska Native communities. There is also a single agency representative from each Headquarters Program Office and Region. Agency representatives are designated by Assistant Administrators from the EPA Program Office and Regions. Tribal representatives are nominated by their Regional Tribal Operations Committees through the National Tribal Operations Committee. All TSC members must have an adequate scientific background to understand and work on tribal science issues effectively.

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