Hopi NAtion Straw Bale Home

Hopi Nation Straw Bale Home

Red Feather Development Group is a nonprofit whose mission is to educate and empower American Indian Nations to create sustainable solutions to the severe housing crisis in reservation communities. They teach affordable, replicable and sustainable approaches to home construction. As part of Red Feather’s Elder Housing Initiative, a strawbale home was recently completed on the Hopi Reservation. It was built as a replicable model to introduce straw bale homes as a viable solution and provide housing for one family and a learning tool for others. Straw bale construction, especially when built with a frost-protected shallow foundation, provides an affordable and energy-efficient house. The home was constructed with community involvement, transferring straw bale construction skills to tribal members. This home also demonstrates efficient layout in a small footprint, the use of low-impact products (on both health and environment), and barrier-free design.

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