General Checklist for the Close-Out of Federal Grant Projects

Prepared by Joshua Simmons of Prosper Sustainably, this checklist is intended to assist Tribal Environmental Professionals in navigating the process of closing out a federal grant. The main steps in this checklist are to:

  • Review the Grant Project Agreement with all of its terms and conditions,
  • Arrange a phone call or meeting with your Grant Project officer to identify everything your tribe will need to do and submit to close out the grant project,
  • Create a more specific Checklist of the Closeout Documents and Tasks,
  • Review all project tasks and objectives to determine whether they can be completed by the end of the grant project period,
  • Review the prior and expected grant program expenses to determine if they are consistent with the budget, and
    Make sure that all of the funding is expended before the grant period ends.

The General Checklist contains additional information, options, and considerations for each step. As explained in the document, some actions/options must be exercised before the grant period ends (e.g. requesting an extension or revising the budget).

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