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Funding Opportunities

Energy & Climate – Hewlett Foundation

GOAL: To ensure that energy is produced and used cleanly and efficiently, with limited impacts on human health and the environment, and that global average temperatures increase less than 2°C to avoid the worst effects of climate change. The Hewlett Foundation’s Environment Program is committed to reducing these emissions to […]

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Western Conservation – Hewlett Foundation

GOAL: To conserve the ecological integrity of the western United States and Canada for people and wildlife. The Hewlett Foundation makes a wide range of grants to preserve these extraordinary natural resources. To that end, we invest in efforts to build broad public support for conservation and to protect the […]

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Clean Water Indian Set-Aside Grant Program

The Clean Water Indian Set-Aside Grant Program (CWISA Program) provides funding for wastewater infrastructure to Indian tribes and Alaska Native Villages. The CWISA Program is administered in cooperation with the Indian Health Service (IHS). EPA uses the IHS Sanitation Deficiency System priority lists to identify and select projects for CWISA […]

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Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, Inc.

Seventh Generation Fund is an Indigenous non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native peoples and the sovereignty of our distinct Nations. We offer an integrated program of advocacy, small grants, training and technical assistance, media experience and fiscal management, lending our support and extensive expertise to […]

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Healthy Environments Grants from Kresge

The places where we live shape our health. Unfortunately, many people live in neighborhoods that have limited access to affordable fresh food, safe places for recreation, high-quality education and living-wage jobs. They may be exposed to environmental hazards due to the proximity of polluting industries and substandard housing. Some 70 […]

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