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Green Cleaning for Improved Health

The Return on Investment of Green Cleaning in Schools

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Tribal Lands & Environment Forum

Special trainings, field trips, and breakout sessions focused on solid/hazardous waste management, brownfields, UST/LUSTs, Superfund sites, and emergency response. Tribal water program topics will also be included with breakout sessions, trainings and field trips focusing on water quality, drinking water, and habitat restoration (including wetlands, streams and fisheries).

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Midwest Food Recovery Summit

As food waste continues to become a mainstream problem, the need for resources and information about how to reduce it from the start, recover it if possible and where it should go become essential. The Midwest Food Recovery Summit will focus on ALL of the recovery options.

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Green Schools Conference & Expo 2018

The Green Schools Conference & Expo is the only national event to bring together all of the players involved in making green schools a reality: people who lead, operate, build, and teach in U.S. schools.

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UCLA Extension: Tribal Learning Community

Presented in cooperation with the UCLA Native Nations Law and Policy Center, this series of courses is a collaborative initiative to develop, pilot, and implement Tribal Studies curricula in support of Native educational issues and community concerns. Offered fully online, these courses are available not only to regional Native nations […]

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