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Tribal Lands & Environment Forum

Special trainings, field trips, and breakout sessions focused on solid/hazardous waste management, brownfields, UST/LUSTs, Superfund sites, and emergency response. Tribal water program topics will also be included with breakout sessions, trainings and field trips focusing on water quality, drinking water, and habitat restoration (including wetlands, streams and fisheries).

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Climate Change Adaptation Training

Montana Weatherization Training Center

The training center’s goal is to train the professionals who are on the ground weatherizing homes every day. Working closely with Montana’s Human Resource Development Councils and Tribal associates, they focus on safe, efficient, cutting-edge techniques to address the health, safety, and energy efficiency issues present in low-income housing. The […]

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Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) Trainings and Workshops

ITEP’s goal is to assist in the professional development and exchange of information for tribal staff in order to enhance the operations and performance outcomes of environmental management.

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UCLA Extension: Tribal Learning Community

Presented in cooperation with the UCLA Native Nations Law and Policy Center, this series of courses is a collaborative initiative to develop, pilot, and implement Tribal Studies curricula in support of Native educational issues and community concerns. Offered fully online, these courses are available not only to regional Native nations […]

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