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About the National Tribal Pollution Prevention Network

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The national Tribal Pollution Prevention Network (Tribal P2) consists of environmental professionals from tribal entities, local, state and federal agencies, academia, and not-for-profit organizations around the nation. Our mission is to work collaboratively with tribes throughout the United States in reducing the environmental and health risks associated with the generation of waste in tribal lands.

The network was formed in December 2003 from an EPA grant issued as a result of tribal requests for more specific tribal communication about Pollution Prevention (P2) efforts directly relating to tribes. Membership in the network now stands at over 300 individual participants, with over 100 Tribes participating. The major objective of Tribal P2 is to share information and identify solutions to address environmental issues affecting the tribal nations using pollution prevention methodologies. Tribal P2 has network members in 35 of the 50 states who participate by:

  • Receiving information from our listserv on timely and relevant P2 topics, including news, announcements, and funding opportunities;
  • Providing information to our listserv or for posting on the website;
  • Utilizing for access to information;
  • Sharing successes as presenters during regularly scheduled webinars or as online resources;
  • Participating as peer-to-peer expert collaborators;
  • Participating in regularly scheduled webinars on topics of interest to the network.

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About Our Logo

The medicine wheel reflects traditional tribal symbolism of honoring the earth. The four plants in the wheel and their significance are:

TP2 Logo Medicine Wheel

  • East – tobacco – renewal of life
  • South – cedar – cleansing and growth
  • West – sage – purifies
  • North – sweetgrass – invites in good